Shaping success from humble beginnings

Buchade Sir

As you enter the snazzy corporate office of the iVision Group in Dombivali, you will come upon an innocuous looking lathe machine. It stands there, far from the factory floor, silent. If it could speak, it would tell tales of such courage and acumen. It would tell you all about the grit, determination and technical prowess of Bhau Buchade of Dombivli.

A humble beginning

Like the lathe machine, Chandrankant Bhau (elder brother in Marathi) Buchade too came from a very humble background. He completed his early education in his home town in interior Maharashtra, and moved to Thane, Mumbai with the ambition to start his own manufacturing unit. He bought this second-hand lathe machine to set the ball rolling. Bhau supplemented his instinctive sense of engineering and manufacturing with a machinist course. He took on an apprenticeship in a large company to gather further experience and hone his innate skills.

Opportunity knocks

During this time, his maternal uncle got a contract to fix metal hooks for a shirt company. Bhau took it upon himself to help and complete the contract competently. That was the critical velocity his plans needed. The confidence this project gave him, propelled him forward. And then, there was no stopping him.

Taking risk to seize opportunities

He took a loan to purchase a small place in Dombivali East, and set up a unit. His confidence and growing reputation soon won him contract after contract, and quickly enabled him to pay off his loans.

Bhau, the powerhouse, soon became famous for his working style. Numerous companies of repute showed interest in working with him. They not only gave him contracts but also sought his advice on various issues. Bhau's humble personality, unshakable grit and innate ability to feel the pulse of any engineering challenge made him a technical expert without a formal engineering degree.

Challenging limits, and not limiting challenges

The positive twist in the tale came when Bhau won a contract from the multinational company Siemens. It was challenging, but Bhau left no stone unturned by learning new skills and working hard, as failure was unacceptable. The work was completed in time, with the guarantee of quality. Followed by this success, he initiated a significant expansion.

When his son Vinayak joined him, the father and son duo became equally famous. Together, they set up three units, purchased state-of-the-art machines and developed expertise in the latest technology. Bhau and Vinayak recruited many budding young men and trained them to work on the new machinery to broaden their horizons.

Becoming an eternal source of inspiration

Today, the lathe machine stands a silent witness to this man's arduous journey. Though now no longer on the production floor, it still reminds us of the sound advice Bhau Buchade used to dispense - “Work hard, and talk less.” And true to his advice, his actions speak louder than any words he ever spoke. His vision, his confidence to take calculated risks, his living in the problem in front of him without a doubt about his own abilities - this is the legacy we carry forward with us today. With the lathe, which has shaped numerous parts, a constant reminder of this enduring legacy - as it shapes us, our ambitions and our future.

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