Happy Holi and International Women’s Day from iVision

On the occasion of Holi I would like to wish everyone a Happy, Colourful and Safe Holi. Just a day ahead on 8th March we are celebrating International Women’s Day. Just as Holi brings colours and happiness, in our lives, women too bring happiness in the lives of their family members and contribute massively to the lives of their loved ones, as well as to the society as a whole.

I-Vision group is primarily functioning in the manufacturing and engineering sector. This sector is perceived to be male dominated. We are witnessing the sector is blooming rapidly in current years due to encouraging government policies. Still the number of women working in this sector is comparatively less and has barely moved so far.

The inequality and discrimination are still evident today. The best promotions and networking opportunities may go to men at a higher rate. Women may also make less, salary-wise, than their male counterparts. Ultimately, the old saying about having to work twice as hard to prove themselves seems to be the case.The work culture in this sector is very demanding in terms of the working hours and the physical attributes that it requires. But as we all know women are always tougher than they are perceived. As the IT sector grows rapidly, companies struggle to find qualified talent. There is an increasing need for more people in the industry. In the IT sector, the long working hours are the same for both men and women. Today we see many women working in the male dominated transport sector, working as auto drivers as well as truck drivers. Those are just the baby steps towards women empowerment, and we have a very long road ahead of us. The engineering industry is not an exception to this and is slowly shifting the overall perceptions about women working in this sector. I always felt that if you have a learning and adaptive attitude, integrity, and are ready to work hard, then the industry not only accepts your leadership but is also very keen to know the feminine perspective. I am very fortunate that I have experienced the same while interacting internally within Ivision Group and externally with all clients and vendors. Yes, there are challenges, and it will take time to see the proportionate number of women, but it's far better than what it was a decade ago. As in today’s climate, awareness about women's challenges have increased drastically. Employers are much more willing to address discrimination and harassment when it’s brought to their attention.

I have seen many women around me with a robust spirit which makes them excel in their fields. I have experienced that with proper guidance and just a little push, women can achieve miracles as there is no force equal to that of a determined and hardworking woman. This sector has many opportunities to offer, and women should definitely grab those, siding out the misconceptions.

It is high time women need to be brought to the frontlines of nation building due to the fact that women make up more than half the population, and they should be equally represented. Decision-making is always better when diverse experiences are at the table.

Lastly I would like to wish everyone to fill their life and the lives of those around them with the colours of hope and opportunities to grow.