Humanness is one of our core values, and something which is evident in every single thing we do. Our people define us. Their curiosity, their adaptivity, their integrity, their respect for each other. Whether they are our promoters, our employees, our vendor partners, our customers, and even our countrymen. It is the heart of our enterprise. Here you will meet a few of these human beings who drive us.

Vinayak Buchade
Managing Director

Vinayak has over two decades of rich experience in the precision stamping industry. A foresighted professional with a go-getter attitude, he applies an innovative approach toward his businesses. Vinayak's vision is to implement result-oriented ideas that span from technology to business strategies and beyond. His insight-led actions empower him to take calculated risks and provide effective solutions to complex engineering problems. Vinayak sets an example for his teams with his understanding of the pulse and spirit of the business landscape. This translates into deep-rooted relationships within and beyond the Group. It is Vinayak's instincts that keep the businesses at the forefront of the emerging trends of today and tomorrow.

Shubhangi Buchade
Director, HR

Shubhangi applies her rich experience, dynamism, and expertise in Human Resources management of the Group. She believes that only a happy and motivated workforce, that is ready to go beyond its limits, can lead a company towards success. Shubhangi nurtures a spirit of freedom and positivity within the teams, which inspires them to flourish and grow. Her keen eye identifies the innate potential of the teams, encouraging them to emerge as one unified people power. This leads to the independent and smooth working of diverse processes within the companies. Together, it translates into the Group achieving its business goals.

Ujwala Nitin Dhumale
Director - Surface Treatment Division

Ujwala has extensive experience of two decades in managing the Surface Treatment Division, an in-house business unit of iVision Group. Since 2002, she has independently helmed the division with her dexterity and keen desire to succeed.

Ujwala is deeply influenced by the values of the founder of the company, Late Shri C. B. Buchade. Inspired by the leaders at iVision, she is determined to take the business to the next level by collaborating with every employee. She believes that by sharing her wealth of knowledge with her colleagues and offering unparalleled customer satisfaction, they can scale new heights and build a high-performance organisation.

Pravin R. Khambal
Director - R&D

Pravin, the head of the Research & Development department for SmaForm Engineering, has a way of solving the most complex engineering problems with ease. As the second in command, along with the responsibility of being in charge of the factory, Pravin applies his interpersonal skills and wealth of technical expertise at every stage of product development.

In addition, at Ujwal Industries, he ensures productivity of his staff as well as the smooth functioning of the machines, solving every production challenge at the earliest and maximising client satisfaction. Pravin has the utmost respect for Late Mr C.B. Buchade, the founder of iVision Group, for he was the first to recognize his talents and present an opportunity to grow.

Abhishek Pareek
Head - Finance

Abhishek, head of the Finance department, came into iVision Group with an aim to introduce the most efficient finance and taxation systems. With over a decade of rich experience, his craftsmanship has brought a great deal of accomplishment to the workplace. He took the first steps to enhance old systems to create multiple new revenue streams.

Inspired by Shree Ratan Tata, motivated by Shree Azim Premji, and most importantly, living by the values his father bestowed upon him, Abhishek understands the balance of employment generation and developing business. His keen interest in learning beyond his trade allowed him to study the know-how of the manufacturing sector. The desire to grow empowered him to explore new areas of the business, ultimately boosting the flow of revenue while increasing the number of customers.

Milind Tilloo
Head - Marketing

Milind has over 18 years' worth of experience under his belt. Having worked with multinationals in India and abroad (L&T, C&S Electric, ABB), he has a proven record of accomplishment to overcome all kinds of obstacles. He headed all India operations for Busbar Trunking System and continues to remain deeply involved with their sales and project management

Milind is also the business partner of Bridgeway Electrik Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Bridgeway Electrik Solutions entered the market at the right time for energy-efficient power transfer solutions. In comparison to traditional systems, they offer more flexibility and prove to be relatively economical.

At iVision Group, Milind takes on the responsibility to enhance market share for SmaForm Engineering in order to make it the primary manufacturer for import substitutes of pharma and lab accessories. His sole focus lies in expanding SmaForm Engineering into the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector, the electronic industry and the clinical research and testing department by introducing new products periodically. He believes that passion, practicality, the right workforce with a common goal and a go-getter attitude are the tools to establish a profitable company.

Rajaram Kapse
Head - Commercial

Rajaram Kapse came into association with the founder of iVision Group, Late Mr C. B. Buchade, during his four decades of experience in Siemens India. As a highly strategic and analytical leader, his key responsibility lies in vendor management and customer relationship. He closely monitors receivables and remains actively involved in the day-to-day operations of the business.

With almost 42 years of experience with multinational companies, Rajaram's broad knowledge of the business has prepared him to handle a wide range of duties. He is known to have the most friendly and approachable personality. The employees at iVision Group consider him to be a delightful person to work with, allowing them to feel comfortable while approaching him in case of any queries.