Over 30 years of engineering excellence in manufacturing intricate and complex products to meet strict specifications of switchgear manufacturers, electrical industry, automotive, etc. Delivering to variable demand with consistent quality.

Ujwal Industries is three decade established component and contract manufacturing company located in Dombivli, Maharashtra, India. Ujwal Industries is engaged in designing and manufacturing quality engineered products in ferrous, non-ferrous metal stamping, progressive stamping, blanking, high speed stamping, cold forging, multi forming products, tools and dies (of in-house parts), sheet metal and precision machined components for Electrical, Automotive, Home Appliance, Utensils and cookware Industry. Ujwal Industries is associated with various blue-chip companies in India and other countries.

You can count on us:
  • To deliver intricate and complex products
  • For consistent quality, whatever the quantity
  • For fully-equipped infrastructure that ensures on time delivery
  • A passionate and skilled team



Ujwal strongly believes in delivering high class quality output with a complete set up of Quality Control system for controlling quality of all finished products. The Quality Assurance department is equipped with all types of Measuring & Monitoring Equipment to ensure the best quality and on-time delivery of solutions.

Ujwal’s extent of abilities is infinite thanks to their complete engineering solutions and state-of-the-art in house facility to develop progressive tools. Whether you are looking to design micro parts for your cutting-edge product, or create futuristic tech structures, Ujwal is your one-stop engineering solution partner. With advanced production methods for Metal Stamping like punch press, drawing, flat blanking, high speed stamping, cold forging, and multi forming. While Ujwal's mainstay is stamped metal parts, stamping dies, copper cold forged parts, precision machined parts and precision assemblies, the solutions possible are only defined and limited by your requirements. Completely aligned to deliver remarkable solutions to complex engineering problems.



Ujwal, as the name suggests, is all about facilitating a bright future. With physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the successful conceptualization, implementation, execution and operation of engineering solutions.

With Ujwal, the possibilities are limitless due to availability of complete inhouse setup of machines like:

  • Power presses
  • Hydraulic Press
  • Auto feeders
  • CNC vertical milling machines
  • Milling machine
  • Lathe machine
  • Wire cutting machine
  • Heavy Drill machine
  • Surface grinder machine

Ujwal Industries is equipped with latest and state-of-the-art infrastructure, high-tech machines and equipment that enable to produce stamping products with variety of hard and high precision metal grade progressive dies with stable quality with thickness of 0.1- 8.0mm. The fastest stamping speed of 250 SPM (Capacity of 800 SPM) . The maximum monthly capacity of the single-piece terminal stamping is 10 million pieces. Right from planning, manufacturing, processing, quality check, assembly, and organized dispatch Ujwal has knowhow internally. All aligned to delivering exceptional solutions to complicated engineering problems.

Increasingly, businesses in the new paradigm require partners who not only share their passion to access the next level but also someone who can support with complete engineering solutions. Ujwal, with over three decades of experience, is deeply invested in delivering holistic engineering solutions to customers. Focused on playing an instrumental role in providing the best solutions and offerings, which suit the needs of both local and international clients.



Ujwal Industries has wide range of machinery from well-known international manufacturers, allowing us to provide our customers with a high-quality and effective method of producing any quantity.

Knuckle Joint 400 Ton

Yadon 80 Ton

Seyi 80 Ton

Seyi 110 Ton



Wire Cut - Chemer


Let's collaborate

Let's collaborate

We are currently looking for new opportunities In the Indian and International markets. To further leverage our tremendous Infrastructure and experience in our current capacities as contractor and manufacturer, and also as sub-contract manufacturer of product assemblies and sub-assemblies.

If you see an able partner in us, do call for a meeting, or a brochure, request a quote, or submit an enquiry.