Tooling & Consultancy
Ivision group of industries had always been two into the sheet metal stamping industry for over two decades. Over this span of time what the management realized is that one cost factor for the business is the tools that come into play. Without the progressive tools manufacturing is impossible. In today’s world where in the production quantities have been ramped up, there is a specific need of ensuring that the progressive dies that are developed are of a high quality to get the consistent quality and maximum output. The design aspect is also the one that needs to be adhered too and looked at right from the start. The promoters then built a base outside India in the Asian countries. They have acquaintances in Taiwan, Thailand and Korea. Their extensive setup have helped us evolve & reduce the development life cycle. There is an in house designing team as well as an outsourced one. This has given the ivision group a lead in the sheet metal stamping industry. The dies that are manufactured are world class and the output that is derived is supreme. New horizons and acceptance of new technology is what is being consistently looked at.