Maruti Alto Car - Electric Conversion
  • Year 2011, Agni Motors converted a Maruti Suzuki Alto into an electric car
  • For this project Mr. Cedric Lynch is the Chief technical engineer designed the transmission
  • Hybrid concept coming soon
  • The car was tested for a month in Gujarat, India. A reading of 95 kmph top speed
  • Further testing was from Navi Mumbai to Lonawala and return from Lonawala to Navi Mumbai on the Express High Way (NH 04)
  • The car comfortably achieved 180 KM distance at a top speed of 95 KMPH on a single charge, carrying driver plus four passengers. Other vehicles in the market claim a range achieved with light load and at a steady low speed on a smooth test track, not on normal roads and traffic
Solar Powered Water Pumping System
  • Highly efficient dc motor (Agni motor)
  • Higher flow rate compared to the conventional pump system
  • Working in the poor light conditions without any battery backup
  • Easy to connect up
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost effective
  • Long life (15 to 20 years)
Revolutionary water pumping system with high efficiency, low maintenance and low cost