Multi Forming Machine
In the advent of the technology taking a foray into the business development, the sheet metal stamping division has welcomed a new member into their family. It’s a Multi Forming Machine.
The features of the multi forming machine are :
Machining of precise parts :
Available for economic mass production of parts for electronics, home appliances and automobiles and other precise components.
High value added machines :
One integrated process designed for bending, tapping, welding and assembling works.
Easy to produce many items in small lots :
It is possible to produce many items in small lots by using only a pair of mold with the basic tool.
Operation system designed for ten sets per operator :
Full automatic operation can be done by just feeding materials while being automatically stopped by a sensor when any error occurs in molds or materials.
The one which the sheet metal stamping is purchased is a large sized model which has 3 tons of forming and 35 tons of stamping capacities. It has an additional tapping and an NC Feeding Unit.
The machine has the power of manufacturing high precision parts in the electronic and the automobile industry.