About Us
  • Mr. C. B. Buchade
    Mr. C. B. Buchade
    - Chairman

    This whole organization is like a family and we need to grow like a family and we need to grow like one. Steady growth and customer satisfaction is the key. I strongly believe that for the company's growth the people involved should grow and there should be success stories all around. If ever a problem or a hindrance occurs then collective efforts should be taken to get to the root cause and come out of it with a positive result. One should always remain focused and try and come up with a solution that will satisfy the customer to the fullest.
  • Mr. V. C. Buchade
    Mr. V. C. Buchade
    - CEO

    "Never do business in excitement and never ever be excited when doing business". Accurate, Fast, Precise & Reliable work form my key motives. Give to the world that others can't. When it comes to customer satisfaction, go out all lengths to support the cause. Work round the clock to achieve a good rapport with the customer. Transparency and honesty are the two footholds on which any business stands is what I strongly promote. Any discrepancy in business is a strict no for the growth. A successful team is needed for any project to be completed. Time frames need to be respected and adhered to.
  • Mr. S. V. Ohol
    Mr. S. V. Ohol
    - GM Marketing and Sales

    "Getting a person to disagree on his pre decided agenda is what I call a true negotiaton". Presentation embossed with a true sense of coordination is a exact key to success. Keeping up with the customer requirements and their demands is of the utmost necessity to give world class service. Learning from every person we interact and imbibing their good skills is what makes an individual grow on an intellectual and personal level. Never say No attitude is the one which will get you the most success in life. Excellent coordination and the way the results are showcased is very important for the success of any project. Respect every individual because he or she may always have something to teach you in return. Look at the emotional nuances in life, it makes a whole world of a difference to your approach and attitude.
  • Mr. Arun Mulgund
    Mr. Arun Mulgund

    An effective leadership program run round clock is essential for an organization's growth. Leadership is one such equation where in if the leader is in control then the entire organization is in control. For an organization to prosper, customer satisfaction is the key. One should always believe in completing the task at hand in the first go. Every member is accountable for goals that are set by the company . Fulfilling your commitments on time and sharing your domain knowledge helps complete the activity faster. Cost saving and maximizing outputs is the key performance indicator for any employee. Co-ordination and interaction of all personnel within the department is the key for the smooth flow of the information a s well as transparency amongst the people. we should always promote that " work from a company's perspective and not from an individual's perspective".
  • Mr. C. B. Buchade
    Mr. S. Kannan

    The nervous system & the heart is what keeps a human being alive & sane. Tool room today is also the heart of any sheet metal stamping industry. To be a part of it and also to lead from the top is fulfilling as well as challenging. In my experience of more than a decade and half I have come across many companies that are professional but in this organization the word 'Commitment' is not only worshiped but is followed by everybody up to the top. Fast Pace of working along with quality being developed simultaneously are the key to this organization's philosophy. I always believe honesty and hunger for knowledge is what is required to make a true master. For seeing problems and devising a plan that can over come all the possible hindrances is what is needed by everybody to be followed in everyday's walk of life.