About Us
Ivision group of Industries was formed two years back. The industries within this group however have been in service for over two and half decades. These industries have served and catered to the customer's worldwide. The jobs that were done have grown magnimously and we as a services industry have also grown over a period of years. There is a constant need to change and adapt taking into consideration the entire demanding scenario.

Ivision group dominantly had a core domain in the sheet metal industry. There are several entities who have seamlessly endowed to serve focusing on the quality as their top most priority. Later when the demands and the markets fluctuated the management decided to diversify into the printing packaging world in 2010.

While these units were functioning to the brim efforts were being put into have mother nature influence the company's culture and also to give back to this wonderful environment. Ivision group has painstakingly put in efforts to have projects which have synergized with the renewable sources of energy and has established a projects division.

In context to the development in sheet metal industry ivision group of industries had a new entrant in the form of uniace tools. This entity deals only in tooling and consultancy solutions of any kind. They have international associations which help them bring in new technology and help improve the overall quality.

The latest steady growth attracting member is the property development. Here in the ivision group of industries has realized the true potential of the reality sector. Any help that is required in the field of reality can all be tackled by the property development segment. Ivision group of industries has slowly & steadily consolidated its growth and has established a strong foot hold in various market segments.